AVPA Contest

Coffees Roasted at origin

The coffee world has changed and a real return on output now seems possible. In producing countries, a true "coffeeological" awareness has emerged. Coffee is not just this colonial plant shipped to Europe or North America. It is now a national heritage consumed on site and that passionates producers who show a similar care to that of our wine or our olive growers.

On the consumer side, driven by movements like the Barista one or under the influence of intensive promotional campaigns for major brands, consumers are now willing to pay more for a coffee from which he expects a complete gastronomic satisfaction.

AVPA therefore offers to support this change in progress.

AVPA invites producers (individual or organized in associations or cooperatives) who take responsibility for their roasting, as well as roasters based in the country of production that guarantee the traceability of their cafes, to participate in its Contest.

Arabica, Robusta, washed, nature, honey coffees .... Traditional classifications make room for a new categorization that fits the supply of roasted coffees in the country and allows the buyer to narrow down their choice:

The competition is hosted by Boris Hleap and Philippe N'Gamou and, in its latest edition, required the tasting of more than 150 exceptional coffees spread across 25 countries on 4 continents.

The coffee can be enjoyed in the espresso mode or unfiltered brew.



Dates to remember

Samples and registration form before  October, 31st, 2021

Award ceremony: December   2021