Chocolates processed at origin

AVPA Contest


AVPA has found a recognized place in international contests for exceptional products made in origin countries, whether for locally roasted coffees, teas or vegetable oils for which AVPA has been doing an international contest for 18 years which became the benchmark in the profession.


AVPA has therefore decided to offer chocolate makers in cocoa-producing countries a first international competition in 2021 reserved for them.  


This international contest is reserved for chocolate makers or their groups (cooperatives, Protected Origin Names) for which AVPA will propose a richer classification than the usual classifications in order to allow the expression of all tastes found in chocolate makers in cocoa-producing countries.


Registration forms and the samples to be received before the 1st of May 2021

Award ceremony in June, France 

The registration form for the 2019 competition will be available for download

6 months before the event