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21st International Contest « World Edible Oils» AVPA-Paris 2023

Natural olive oils and other Vegetable oils flavoured or not.

In this year 2023 despite the return of a more normal health situation, the marked drought has limited the production of many producing countries, however, we were able to welcome back many participants who offered us ever better oils.

The results for Natural Olive Oils were revealed on our YouTube channel on May 4Th at 11 am

The results for Vegetable Oils were revealed on our YouTube channel on May 4th at 3 pm.

Nearly 250 vegetable oils from about twenty countries were submitted to a blind tasting.

For natural olive oils, the jury, chaired by Christian Pinatel from CTO, met in several sessions to award the following 92 AVPA-Paris 2023 medals:

21 “Gourmet Or”, 20 “Gourmet Argent”, 17 “Gourmet Bronze” and 34 Gourmet Product Diploma AVPA-Paris.

Among the participants, we must note the presence of Italy with 64 natural olive oils registered which obtained 27 medals, followed by Spain with 42 oils and 15 medals, Portugal with 14 oils and 5 medals, Greece with 12 oils and 3 medals finally the France with 12 oils and 3 medals.

For the other vegetable oils, the jury, chaired by Chef Jean-Pierre Cassagne, met in two sessions to award the following 36 AVPA-Paris 2023 awards:

3 “Gourmet Or”, 8 “Gourmet Argent”, 13 “Gourmet Bronze” and 12 Gourmet Product Diploma AVPA-Paris.

Among the monovarietal oils of this international competition of very high level two original oils: peanut oil and milk thistle oil (Russia) have obtained a Gold Gourmet. Rapeseed and hazelnut oils from the regions of France, and avocado oil from Mexico have obtained a Gourmet Silver.

Among the flavored oils of the competition the oils from Provence shone again this year with a Gold Gourmet for the "Elderflower Olive" oil and for the "Olive Turmeric" oil that obtained a Silver Gourmet, as did the "Olive and Roses" oil from Greece and the "Olive and pepper" oil from Italy.

All these awarded oils are enabling AVPA to propose in the AVPA premises undoubtedly one of the richest oils libraries available to professionals who can make the best use of them for training or range construction purposes. Olive oils and other vegetable oils will inevitably be part of this reflection and AVPA can help professionals to find themselves around excellence.

Results are available on the AVPA website

To know all the Results: click here

Press Contact: Ksenia HLEAP:

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