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4th "Chocolates Processed at Origin" International Contest: Talk with our Jury

Updated: Feb 14

It was out of a passion for chocolate that dates back to my earliest childhood that I became a Chocolatologist or the art of tasting. I always had the curiosity to want to learn and understand the origin of chocolate, its manufacturing, its tasting, its characteristics. With gluttony I realized that this chocolate is a product that is evolving, surprising us, and enchanting our taste buds with an aromatic palette as rich as when tasting coffee or tea.

In my career, I had the chance to meet the greatest chocolate makers, such as Robert Linxe, founder of La Maison du Chocolat and creator of the "ganache" or Jean-Paul Hévin, the best chocolate worker in France or even Patrice Chapon at the tablets of chocolate from different producing countries or even chocolates from Bonnat and share their tasting secrets with them!

In addition, I collaborated in the writing of the “Grand Manuel du chocolatier” at Marabout (October 2019) and gave my tasting advice in a book that came out in October 2020 “gourmet and healthy chocolates at doing it yourself ”published by Eyrolles.

It is with this experience that I 'm happy to be a Gourmet Jury Presidente for already 4 years at “Chocolates processed at Origin ” International Contest AVPA-Paris. This highly commendable project alongside my chocolate friends. and recognized pastry chefs. This contest is very important because the cocoa-producing countries are a very important starting point in the chocolate manufacturing chain. Thus, the promotion of this exceptional product produced in their countries of origin is necessary and desirable in order to make the general public aware of the complexity of their work and to allow legitimate recognition to the cocoa-producing countries.

This is the unique International Contest dedicated to chocolate makers from cocoa-producing countries is the expression of different tastes around the world, a great sensory experience, and a strong recognition of the work that is developing in cocoa-producing countries! Each participant is keen to give the best in the development of their chocolate!

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