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AVPA certification

AVPA certification


Are your products Gourmet?     AVPA confirms it!

The consumer is more perplexed and suspicious every day. Even outside of the AVPA competitions, your products can be recognized as: AVPA Gourmet Product


What does AVPA certification bring you?

If your product is certified, you will be able to:

  • Affix the quality mark "Gourmet Product AVPA - Paris 2023" on your package

  • Be listed in the directory of producers and Gourmet AVPA products,

  • Be present, under privileged conditions, at the next Gourmet Sélection /Fine Food


How will your product be judged?

​ By a college of gastronomic experts and Chefs who will endeavor to verify that your product:

  •   Distinguished from ordinary production by its originality of taste, recipe, and / or appearance.

  • Achieves a finesse and a length in the mouth which make it a memorable product, in the etymological sense of the term: a product that we remember and that we want to share.

  • Was made from traceable components stated by the producer.


The jury will only be able to taste products presented in their commercial packaging, easy to keep and which are suitable for tasting as is, without complex implementation.


Example of products that can participate: honey and derived products, dried and dried fruits, dry cakes, spices, condiments, herbs and infusions, syrups, jams, canned food, cured meats, sausages, original drinks (alcoholic or not)….

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