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AVPA offers training  :

  • for producers who wish to refine their knowledge of existing tastes and understand the expectations of the market considered as gastronomic

  • for tasters who wish to refine their taste perception and obtain a good level qualification

  • for distribution professionals to whom technical sessions are offered to discuss product distribution and implementation. Sourcing, merchandising, recipes and ceremonies, so many elements that make it possible to transform a real qualitative effort into so many factors for improving the margin.


Tasting workshop


The success of your events may depend on the quality and originality of your events.


AVPA offers you activities that allow you to initiate an audience that is always eager to understand what it is consuming.  

Through commented tastings, the development of original recipes with the technical teams, it is a real convivial exchange that takes place.  

Organized on demand (students from grandes écoles, works councils, friendly groups) the initiation to tasting allows a public of amateurs to discover a universe of flavors which is organized and structured around products and categories. AVPA.

AVPA support funds

Support Fund  to producers 


AVPA is a non-profit organization. It deposits any financial surpluses in a “Support Fund for Exceptional Producers” dedicated to producers who, without this support, would not have the means to benefit from the services of the association.


Support for producers - AVPA certification


Image and reputation support

By participating in the AVPA competition, producers come to measure themselves against the best! They also hope to win a medal which turns out to be an excellent communication medium towards the employees, associates and daily partners of the company who are proud of the success of their organization, but also towards suppliers, bankers and entities. administrative staff who are reassured of this international recognition. Finally, for clients, the AVPA medal is a fantastic business tool.


Technical support

AVPA is able to set up technical teams which can concretely support producers in their qualitative efforts.



At AVPA, as part of a competition, we are calling "  Gourmet product  »A product whose rating clearly puts it above the average for its category, knowing that each category may have different rating parameters. The best "  gourmet  »In each category will be honored with a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal.

Apart from any competition and therefore any classification, it is difficult to define scoring parameters. We therefore consider that to be gourmet a product must  :

  • Distinguish itself from ordinary production by its originality of taste, recipe, and / or appearance.

  • Achieve a finesse and length in the mouth that will make it a memorable product, in the etymological sense of the term  : a product that we remember and that we want to share.

  • Be made from traceable components stated by the producer.

  • And this, to say of people with a strong gastronomic experience and participating in AVPA jury

The jury will only be able to taste products which are easy to store and which are suitable for tasting as is, without complex implementation. Example of products  : honey, dry cakes, syrups, jams, processed preserves, cured meats, sausages, original drinks (alcoholic or not)….

A first jury will meet in Paris in  2020

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Support for distributors

AVPA proposes to put its original experience at the service of independent distributors who want to improve the quality of their offer in terms of  from:

  • Originally roasted coffees,

  • Olive and other oils  vegetal oils,

  • Teas, infusions, flavored teas.


AVPA offers three services  :



Graceful promotion in the establishment of AVPA award-winning products


AUDIT AND TRAINING at your Point of Sale  : Audit and training with your staff


TRAINING in the premises of AVPA

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