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Coffees Roasted at Origin

In producing countries, more and more green coffee is consumed by roasting it on site.

In consumer countries, some are now willing to pay more for their coffee under the influence of movements such as the Barista or campaigns of major brands.

In order to support this evolution and to promote it, AVPA is offering producers (individual or organized in associations or cooperatives) who take responsibility for their roasting and roasters located in the countries of production who guarantee the traceability of their coffees, to participate in the contest "Coffees roasted at the origin".

Arabicas coffees, robustas, washed, plain, honey.... Traditional classifications give way to a new categorization created by AVPA that corresponds to the offer of roasted coffees in the countries of origin and allows the buyer to specify his choice:

The jury of the competition is chaired by Alice Juguet and, in its latest edition, nearly 200 exceptional coffees spread over some 25 countries on 4 continents were tasted in two distinct parts: either in espresso mode or in unfiltered infusion.

Categories table

Cafe contest


Dates to  remember

Samples and registration before May 20, 2024
Prize giving in July 2024

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Manny Ochoa 
Buddha's Cup



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Loan Van
Real Been Coffees



Soma Coffee



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Kona coffee



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