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Oils of the world

AVPA Contest

Contest Edible Oils

For 21 years, AVPA has been conducting the " World Edible Oils" that has become a reference in the profession. More than 400 oils representing about twenty countries participate each year.

The competition is intended for producers of vegetable oils (growers or mills) or their groups (cooperatives, Denominations of Origin) who register with the AVPA association.

 El concurso está organizado en dos sesiones para corresponder a los periodos de cosecha :

- Northern Hemisphere samples to be received before February 15th 2023

- Southern Hemisphere samples to be received before August 15th 2023

The " World Edible Oils" contest is organized in two distinct parts:

·        olive oils of which AVPA offers a richer classification than the usual classifications in order to allow the expression of all the traditional tastes encountered around the Mediterranean and in the world.

Intense Green Fruity/ Green Fruity Medium/ Light Green Fruity

Intense Ripe Fruity /Medium Ripe Fruity / Light Ripe Fruity

Old-fashioned olive oil

Since 2003 the jury has been chaired by Christian Pinatel of the Centre Technique de l' Olivier ( Technical Center for Olive tree).

·        other oils, flavoured or nature, seeds and nuts oils grouping together all virgin oils that can be made with any plant likely to be cold pressed to obtain edible oil, whether or not it is classified as oilseeds. 

The jury is chaired by Jean-Pierre Cassagne former chef of the “Closerie des lilas” restaurant  and president of “International -Club les Toques Blanches”

Wiinners of Contests / competitions

Dates to remember

Registration and samples before September 15th 2023 for Southern Hemisphere oils
Northern Hemisphere: tastings going on with results 4 May 2023

Huiles Du Monde

Olive oils

Various oils


Rich Oil 


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Olive Oil Season



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