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Teas of the World

The "Teas of the World" contest is organized by AVPA to recognize that teas and herbal teas have a real gastronomic value well beyond the usual consumption of products in sachets.


Beyond the great classical origins (China, India, Sri Lanka ...) the competition also allows to discover new productions in Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia and even Europe.


The market for tea and herbal teas is expected to grow steadily every year, thanks to the increase in purchasing power in producing countries where tea is appropriated as a consumer product. On the side of consumer countries, it is the awareness of the health interest of tea and herbal teas that boosts sales.


The "Teas of the World" Contest is organized in two distinct parts:

  • Monovarietal teas (camelia sinensis), with many categories depending on the method of preparation of the leaves.

  • Herbal teas (infusion plants other than camelia sinensis), blends and flavored teas.


 The jury is chaired by Carine Baudry, Expert in sensory analysis and founder of the Quintessence

Samples to be received in Paris from now till June 30th and from August 30th to September 20th!

No tea samples reception between July 1st and August 30th due to the Olympic Games.

 No samples after September 30th, 2024

Awards Ceremony 4 novembre 4 p.m. Salon EquipHotel Porte de Versailles

Awards Ceremony 2023:

Tea Contest

Results 6th "Teas of the World" International Contest

mannys coffee.png

Manny's Brew 

carmein tea.png

Carmien Tea 
South Africa


Wild Orchard Tea
USA/ South Korea

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