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Gourmet Paris medals

The products selected in each category are awarded a "Gourmet Paris Product" medal, then the best in their categories can obtain, according to their merit, the Gourmet Gold, Gourmet Silver or Gourmet medal.  Bronze.

The lucky medalists can make use of this award which suits them (in particular on the packaging of their product) as long as they respect the charter of use signed with AVPA which remains careful not to mislead the consumer.

Gourmet Gold

Gourmet Silver

Gourmet  Bronze





Why a medal

The jury of professionals makes a selection from among the registered products to award them a "Gourmet Product" diploma, then for the best of them it awards one of three medals: "Gourmet Gold", "Gourmet Silver" or "Gourmet"  Bronze ” .

Benefits for the producer


An impartial opinion by taste professionals on the French market

Recognition of the work done

A reward for all production staff

A motivation to surpass oneself  for the following years

The ability to stand out from other producers






Benefits for the consumer



A sign of recognition in the "jungle"  tags


The guarantee of a quality product


How to use the medal *

In the internal communication of the company

On all documents intended for customers

On labels corresponding to the same production

* To use it on the labels, the medal-winning producer must sign the license prepared by AVPA



Example of the use of medals

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