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Who can participate  ?

Competitions are open to any producer or processor who accepts the conditions of the competition as defined in the regulations. This includes ensuring that the final product has been produced under the responsibility of the producer and / or in the region of production.

In addition, by completing the registration form, the producer accepts certain obligations. In particular, he must be a member of the association, pay his subscription, and send the samples in good time under the conditions defined on the registration form where he also undertakes to authorize AVPA to mention his possible medal. .

qui peut participer?
Un concours...


A technical and hedonistic professional competition

The competitions are carried out in two main stages

Teas, Herbal Teas, Sampling ,contest
First phase

In a first phase, the products are tasted, analyzed and then classified by a jury made up of professionals.

Objective: to keep, in each category, the “best” products according to the criteria of the category concerned.

Contest jury
Second phase

In a second phase, the products are presented to a panel of taste experts (mainly gastronomes and recognized chefs) who participate in the final classification of the products in competition and award medals.


The principle of classification

How to compare what is not comparable?



AVPA, in all its competitions, endeavors to organize the tasting universe. It is a question of classifying the products by similarity of taste.


Products with similar organoleptic profiles will be classified in the same category, using the “napping” method.


This classification may overlap with an agronomic classification by variety or geographic classification by regional identity, but in general the AVPA classification based on the reality of the tasting approaches better the reality of the range of tastes, without a priori or bias. by leaving all interesting originalities the opportunity to express themselves. 

Le principe


Why participate?





To affirm  the quality and compare your products to other products of excellence


Promote your products and obtain recognition for the work done, particularly in your professional, financial and administrative environment​​

Progress by developing the motivation of your employees and strengthening team spirit


Increase valuation on the national and international market



Gourmet Paris medals

AVPA medals

The products selected in each category are awarded a “Gourmet Paris Product” medal, then the best in their categories can obtain, according to their merit, the Gourmet d'Or, Gourmet d'Argent or Gourmet de Bronze medal. 



The AVPA jury

The originality of the AVPA competition lies in the quality of its jury.

This tasting jury is made up of industry professionals , great chefs , some of whom have starred , and enlightened amateurs. They are based on a regulation available on request.

The jurors devote themselves to the tasting of the products with rigor and seriousness, in order to determine the products which seem to them the most interesting. To ensure the consistency of cultural and linguistic referents, the jury is of French gastronomic culture. The  members  of  jury  are  francophones.

Jury presidents

Members of technical juries

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