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AVPA Contest

Chocolates Processed at Origin

The 4rd Edition of "Chocolates processed at origin" Contest is organized by the AVPA in order to continue to recognize that cocoa-producing countries know how to develop chocolates of quality, equal and sometimes better than those made by major brands in consumer countries.

This international contest reserved for chocolatiers or their groups (cooperatives, Denominations of Origin) for which AVPA proposes a classification that allows the expression of all the traditional tastes encountered among chocolatiers in cocoa-producing countries.

Two main categories are defined:

Dark chocolate "bean to bar” and “tree to bar .  This category  of chocolate is the subject of a special session with its own jury . Chloé Doutre-Roussel collaborates with AVPA for the 4th International Chocolate processed at Origin Contest. Her presidency will be for the bean-to-bar (and tree-to bar) category* of the contest.  



Second category: Chocolates with adjuvants and other additives -other chocolates (dark chocolates with additives: vanilla, milk chocolate, chocolate with various ingredients and chocolate candies) with jury chaired by Pascale Adeline for technical jury and Emmanuelle de Beauregard for gastronomic jury.

* Dark chocolate "bean to bar” and “tree to bar.    

The “dark chocolate bean to bar “ category refers to dark chocolates  produced  with 2 or 3 ingredients maximum (cacao, sugar and  (for those who use) cocoa butter). The  “ dark chocolate tree to bar” category refers to chocolates made from cacaos that come from trees beans that belong to the chocolate maker  (his/her own plantation /farm). Sugar must be cane sugar and  be neutral  in taste ( example:panela or brown sugar  have their own aromas and can not enter this category). The product  must have a percentage  of cacao greater than or equal to 65%  ( sum of  the weights of the cacao  and cocoa butter divided by the total weight  of the product, multiplied by 100). The cacao needs to have total traceability ( know the farms/ region it comes from, where it was fermented and dried,  and what path it followed from the  fermentation/dryin facility to the chocolate   maker). 




  Registration and samples to be sent before March 28th, 2024

Results announcement  April 2024  on-line

Awards ceremony at the Salon Du Chocolat 2024 Paris

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Chocolate Contest




Elsie Jahjah
Founder and Chocolate Maker 
Alouss Chocolates



Nine Fine Mynahs Cacao Farm



NatKaw Natuvaromas



Daniella Barberis 

Barberis Chocolate

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