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Interview with Marita Ohlsson, ÅRE WATER

Dear Marita, what does it mean for you to win a golden trophy of gourmet waters contest AVPA, 2018

It’s a great honour and privilege for us to win this award, and a badge of recognition for us that our water is one of the best natural mineral waters in the world, in both the still and sparkling water segments. The award/s create a bridge for us to communicate our quality in a more efficient way.

How do you use your medals?

At this moment the medals is a key part in designing our labels, being showcased on both our still and sparkling products, showcasing the golden award and opening up for our consumers to look up what it really means if they wish to find more information.

After the competition we also used our social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram to broadcast our victory in the AVPA competition, our partners are also using the award to their benefit when marketing to their corresponding markets.

Interview with Marita Ohlsson

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