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Maté is in vogue

Maté is in vogue and makes waves in the Parisian “Maisons”. The creative Week 2021 by “Cinquième Sens” inaugurated the crazy trend of this emblematic drink from South America for the 2022 season, with a green Maté from Brazil wrapped in Mediterranean hues full of sunshine. The Maté comes in multicolored, multisensory and becomes trendy, whether it is nature, flavored, “frappé” or in cocktail.

For the 5th edition of the international competition "Teas of the World" AVPA wishes to welcome many producers of Yerba Maté.

As for the "Camellia sinensis" tea, this infusion of "Ilex paraguariensis" sees its leaves undergo a transformation process. The traditional technique called Sapecado, consists of heating the leaves over a lit fire not far from the harvesting places to dry them. After drying the leaves and stems are crushed before being taken back to the villages. From North to South, the methods vary, this makes it possible to obtain and discover a wide aromatic palette depending on the origin.

That's why this wonderful infusion has its place in the 5th edition of the world tea contest. The Yerba Maté will be evaluated by a Jury of taste experts, and this will enhance the work of producers and processors.

The spread of Yerba Mate around the world is exponential, especially in France. Tea makers are looking for the best productions.

Today the "Lydia Gautier " Maison is offering for amateurs a tasting box to fully enjoy this delicious drink to be drink in a calabash with the help of a bombilla. For taste explorers, the famous "TEA & TY Paris"Maison is offering an exclusive creation madly eccentric, totally Pop Art and reinvents the way of consuming Mate. The Franco-Belgian "Unami Tea" Maison is offering a wide menu of Maté, roasted, intense, sweet and in the pure tradition. From Paris to Lyon and downto the Gulf of Saint Tropez, trendy places offer extraordinary cocktails, the mix expert Joseph formulates and mixes in his shaker a seductive and bewitching creation.

The specialized magazine GOURMET CUP is offering you in its N°23 and 24 two unpublished reports on the preparation of Maté and its history.

In 2022, the Maté is in vogue, it will make your summer shine and warm up the end of the year ...

PhC : Jérémy Tamen

Jeremy Tamen, Tea Expert

Sensory & Fragrances evaluator

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