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B) Technical costs for chocolates:
100 € for each tasting



C) Optional: Access to product grades by the jury:120€ /chocolate



TOTAL AMOUNT A + B + C (to pay before February 28th 2023)

(NB: VAT will be added in the invoice for French companies or companies from EU not supplying a VAT number)


Membership and contest fees:

A) AVPA year Membership fee:

General Conditions:

1. Only AVPA members up to date with their annual membership may register for the AVPA contest. 2. The Member acknowledges and allows the association to mention his/her name and the results of the competition, by any appropriate media support of its choice (website, catalogue, data sheets, etc.). 3. The producer delivers on time a representative set of :-400 g in sale units (4x100 g or 4x4 oz minimum per bar) or 4 small bags (with 10 units of fancy chocolates or candies) of each registered product The producer will be responsible for their proper delivery to the main office of the Association. The producer will not be reimbursed if his products arrive in bad shape and are not replaced before the tasting. 4. After the release of the results, the signed diplomas will be sent by email and the original given to laureates who will be present at the headquarters of the Association or will be sent by courier to the winners (courier cost for winners account) 5. If he is awarded, the producer will be allowed to put on his packaging a replica of the medal under the AVPA license contract and after having signed this license before using the said distinction. 6.After the contest the awarded winners allows AVPA to make the best use of their information and of their products, especially in the context of AVPA’s events and training periods and are committed to participate in the association promotion effort. To do this, they will send to AVPA as soon as possible the following items: -All information and pictures necessary for the edition of a producer and a product presentation sheet. - for each awarded chocolate a number of gift chocolate tablets or packages as per the following: - Estate Chocolate: 20 bars or small bags - Chocolate maker: 50 bars or small bags - Chocolate from Organization: 20 bars or small bags per member of the organization. 7 The producer declares to have taken note of the articles of association and the contest rules. He declares to accept all the clauses without any reserve or restriction. Accordingly, it hereby waives all recourse against the organizer AVPA which assumes no responsibility for any error or omission.

Kindly accept terms and conditions
The present document must be received in Paris with the commercial labels of chocolates in contest before the 28th of February 2023 at the following address:
AVPA – Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products
Espace ALTURA, 46 rue Saint-Antoine, 75004 Paris – France Tel: +33 1 44 54 80 32 Mail:
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