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International Contest for "Chocolates processed at origin": our jury speaks about it

It was out of a passion for chocolate that dates back to my earliest childhood that I became a chocolatier, or the art of tasting. I have always been curious to learn and understand the origin of chocolate, its manufacture, its tasting, its characteristics. Through many gourmet experiences, I have come to realise that chocolate is a product that evolves, surprises us, and delights our taste buds with an aromatic palette as rich as that of coffee or tea.

On my journey, I have been lucky enough to meet the greatest chocolatiers, such as Robert Linxe, founder of La Maison du Chocolat and creator of the ganache, or Jean-Paul Hévin, France's best chocolate worker, or even Patrice Chapon to the chocolate bars of different producing countries or even the chocolates of Bonnat and share with them their tasting secrets!

Moreover, I collaborated in the writing of the "Great manual of the chocolatier" in Marabout (October 2019) and I gave my tasting tips in a book that just came out last month (October 2020) "gourmet and healthy chocolates to make yourself" in Eyrolles editions.

Based on this experience, I am looking forward to the first AVPA-Paris 2021 International Competition of "Chocolatesprocessed at origin", as I will be part of the 1st jury of this very commendable project with my friends, renowned chocolatiers, and pastry chefs. This competition is important because cocoa-producing countries are a very important starting point in the chocolate manufacturing chain. It is therefore necessary and desirable to promote this exceptional product made in its country of origin in order to make the general public aware of the complexity of this work and to give legitimate recognition to the cocoa-producing country.

This 1st International Competition dedicated to the chocolatiers of cocoa-producing countries will be an expression of the different tastes throughout the world, a beautiful sensory experience and a strong recognition of the work carried out in cocoa-producing countries! Each participant will strive to give the best in the elaboration of their chocolate!

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