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Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Nowadays, the best coffees are valued and roasted by the growers themselves. HOST fair and Sanremo, wished to celebrate this this evolution by inviting AVPA (Agency for the valorization of agricultural products) in Milano.

On Monday October 21st at 5 pm, at Sanremo booth the best locally roasted coffees of the world competing in the 5th “Locally Roasted Coffees” international contest award ceremony were awarded.

This 5th contest confirms the expectations of its founders and participants. On the producers’ side, passion is there: some have done an exceptional job on green coffee, on its harvest, on its treatment and its fermentation, now better controlled, on its drying and finally on its roasting. On the consuming countries’ side, the enthusiasm of more and more young coffee lovers cannot be denied.

Major coffee producing countries were competing. As usual, Latin America was very present, with Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala and Ecuador. On the Asian side, Indonesia was very present compared with Laos, Nepal, Thailand or Viet Nam. Africa with Ethiopia, Cameroon, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Tanzania and Togo confirmed the quality of their best-known coffees whilst Puerto Rico or Hawaii sent very interesting samples.

More than 200 cup tastings, in infusion and/or espresso, to classify and judge: Hopefully AVPA counts with a passionate and dedicated jury.

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