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Agricultural producers at the heart of the AVPA doctoral program

The omnipresence of the agricultural producer at the heart of AVPA's actions is well established. From AVPA contests to advice and certification, the promotion of the producer remains constantly at the heart of AVPA's activities. This is how AVPA intends to initiate in the coming months a doctoral research program which will be led by Alphonse PIGNAN, a young Togolese graduate who joined the AVPA team a few months ago.

Scheduled to last three years, Alphonse's doctorate aims to study the coffee sector in Africa and more particularly within the West African economic space. He will be supervised by AGROCAMPUS OUEST (University of Angers) and co-supervised by Audencia Business School for the academic component. Professional supervision will be provided by AVPA.

The objective is to have a decision-making support tool that will allow AVPA to better understand the functioning of this sector and thus better engineer its projects to promote agricultural products for producers. and this part of the world.

The realization of this research project will count on intelligent openings on the experiences lived in Latin America and South-East Asia. AVPA and Alphonse strongly rely upon the collaboration and support of our various partners, wherever they may be, to make this research a useful and beneficial tool for our coffee producers.

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