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An original mission: to create gastronomic dishes using AVPA award-winning products

On 25th of April 2024, AVPA had the pleasure to host Chef Virginie Legrand in its Parisian headquarters for an original mission: to create gastronomic dishes using AVPA award-winning chocolates, coffees, oils, and teas. For all the guests, Chef Legrand and the AVPA team, it was a moment of friendly and particularly enriching exchange. Obviously the eleven preparations were the stars of the evening: bold combinations with flavors from all over the world, a testament to AVPA's international scope, masterfully staged by Chef Virginie Legrand and her team. Whether it's the foie gras with Mexican dark chocolate, the pea and pecan nut oil tartlet, or the avocado balls with strawberry and wasabi, these new flavors reminded us of how gastronomy is an art with endless possibilities.

The finesse of the dishes also came from the award-winning AVPA ingredients used, which have convinced demanding, professional, and fair juries year after year, at the heart of our association's philosophy.

We particularly thank Chef Virginie Legrand of @communicpassion and her team for their creativity and professionalism, and thanks to Nathalie Barrère @perlesdegascogne, @nathalie.barrere.7, Caroline Bourgeois @carobourgeois, Laëtitia Davoine @vino_pass, Emmanuelle de Beauregard @emmanuelledebeauregard, Florence Delahaut @champagnepalmer, Maeva Destombes @maevadestombes, Pamela and  Samuel Dubois @chercheursdorvert, @pamela_dubois, Paz Figares Mignot, Sophie Gaubert @sophiegaubert_brandstoryteller, Lydia Gautier @lydiagautier.thes.tisanes, Alexandra Imbert, Carolina Lafosse @uchukantu.paris_traiteur, Camille Martine @camilleaimelafood, Gerard Sallé @gerardsalle, Eva Sladekova @velleminfroy and Magalie Verlhac de  @mbv_architecture_et_design, for bringing this event to life.


Foie gras and chocolate lollipops

Chef Virginie Legrand creates foie gras lollipops coated with Mexican dark chocolate @Siij chocolate 70% and hazelnut chunks. This bold marriage is a success: the strength of the chocolate wonderfully complements the smoothness of the foie gras. The SIIJ Chocolate Ancestral brand comes straight from the Mexican state of Tabasco, where cocoa trees stand alongside millennial Mayan pyramids. SIIJ has been participating in our chocolate competition since its first edition in 2021 and has always managed to conquer our juries with its excellence and varied range of flavors.







Salmon gravlax

Just with this image, one can get an idea of the bouquet of flavors offered in the salmon gravlax with beetroot and Indonesian rose tea from @Havilla Tea. Indeed, in the mouth, there is an explosion of colors: the freshness and saltiness of the salmon are balanced with the gentle rose tea and the sweet flavor of the beetroot. The Havilla Tea brand captivated the AVPA jury in 2023, which rewarded it with two gold medals, one for this Whity Rose tea.



Beef tataki rolls with Omega 369 Oil          

These beef tataki rolls with peanuts are prepared with a Chinese oil from the @Merlyn Health brand. This is an oil blend: peanut oil, walnut oil, flaxseed oil, pumpkin seeds oil and perilla seeds oil, known for its numerous health benefits. Marinated with the beef, very lightly cooked tataki-style, it is a delicious dish with a comforting taste.



Chicken ballotine burger with coriander pesto

The coriander pesto burger with its chicken ballotine and rocket salad revisits the icon of fast food by blending it with the best of French gastronomy. Indeed, Chef Virginie Legrand uses French coriander and lemongrass olive oil from @Moulin Du Partegal, a Provençal oil mill and faithful member of AVPA, repeatedly rewarded since 2012. The coriander and lemongrass olive oil won the gold medal at the AVPA oils competition in 2021.


Cauliflower tabbouleh with rapeseed oil

These delicious bites with sunny colors are composed of a cauliflower tabbouleh enhanced by a turmeric mayonnaise and rapeseed oil from l’Huilerie des Fouets an oil producer from the Gatinais region in France, whose rapeseed oil was awarded a silver medal in 2023 by AVPA. 



Avocado balls with strawberry, matcha tea, and wasabi

These small ramekins are filled with avocado balls, strawberries, and wasabi. This surprising combination becomes evident once tasted. The creamy texture and sweetness of the avocado, accompanied by Perseus avocado oil from Spain @perseusfoods, complements the acidity and freshness of the strawberry, while Japanese matcha tea adds a subtle sweet fragrance. All of this is enhanced by a touch of wasabi that harmonizes wonderfully with the other ingredients. 



Portuguese tea-infused asparagus risotto

The risotto with green asparagus and lemon verbena broth, rich and creamy, is prepared with the Portuguese infusion Lucia Lima from @Infusa which won a gold medal in 2023. This lemon verbena infusion, an herb with lemony flavors, adds freshness and acidity to the dish.



Thai-style pork fillet

Chef Virginie Legrand's Thai-style pork fillet, a sweet and sour dish with hints of fresh coriander and caramel, contains Arca Caramel Toffee tea from Indonesia, by @Havilla Tea. This tea won the gold medal in 2023 at the AVPA World Teas competition. 




Pea, pecan, and pancetta crispy tartlets

These tartlets, with pecan nut and pea mousse, featuring a silky center and crispy edges, are infused with @Pariani pecan nut oil from the Piedmont region in Italy. The pecans impart a pleasant nutty and sweet flavor to the tartlets, perfectly complementing the savory taste of the pancetta pieces.




Coffee and tonka bean crème brûlée


Those appetizing coffee and tonka bean crème brûlée are prepared with the Philippines' award-winning coffee from the Mirabueno brand. The full strength and aroma of this robusta coffee are preserved thanks to the expertise of Chef Virginie Legrand, who tops this creamy dessert with a crunchy caramelized layer.



Ricotta, orange, and chocolate whipped cream muffins

These wonderful muffins, made with ricotta, orange, and chocolate whipped cream, are infused with prune almond oil from @Perles de Gascogne. Perles de Gascogne is the first to produce oil with prune almonds, and the result is exceptional. This oil has been awarded a gold medal by AVPA and regularly participates in world oil competitions since 2018. With its amaretto aroma, it gives a powerful flavor to the batter and pairs perfectly with the orange. In the same little cake, we travel to Hawaii, on the other side of the world, as Chef Virginie Legrand uses 85% Hawaiian Kona Gold chocolate for her flavored whipped cream. Kona Gold is a Hawaiian chocolate and coffee plantation bordered by the Pacific. The Kona Gold 85% chocolate was awarded AVPA Gourmet in 2022.


Café Amor Perfecto.

Here is one of the finest coffees from Colombia, @Amor Perfecto, praised by the AVPA coffee competition and winner of the gold medal last year. Entirely crafted in Colombia, it delicately reveals fresh, tangy, and fruity notes.

Here it is patiently crafted using an osmosis process.



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