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Award ceremony : 2nd International Contest « Teas of the World AVPA-Paris 2019”

23 September at 14:00 at the AVPA stand at Gourmet Sélection

128 teas (+18% compared to 2018) were presented at this second edition of the International Contest « Teas of the World AVPA-Paris 2019”. The 17 countries represented this year will be awarded 50 gold, silver and bronze medals and 29 gourmet diplomas. Taiwan and Vietnam honored again the competition, but the Jurys also had the pleasure of tasting samples from New Zealand, Argentina, or even the United States!

The Professional Jury was composed of specialized buyers or great names of tea such as Lydia Gautier, Carine Baudry and Katrin Rougeventre who honored the competition with their competence. In a second phase, about twenty confirmed amateurs tasted their selection in order to award the medals which are thus the result of a technical and passionate appreciation.

This very year AVPA welcomed infusions and scented mixtures. They inaugurated a new approach to the competition, where it is no longer a question of classifying comparable productions but of awarding a gourmet medal to products produced with remarkable talent.

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