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Collaboration with the Agency of Rural Development and Soil and Water Conservation

Collaboration with the Agency of Rural Development and Soil and Water Conservation in Taiwan to promote and foster the relationship between Taiwan and France tea industry

Since 2017 AVPA is organizing the Teas of the World International Contest in Paris, France. We developed the collaboration with many associations in tea producing countries, especially with Taiwan.

This year we had a chanсe to organize the Awards Ceremony during the Tea Expo in Taipei and met personally the Agency of Rural Development and Soil and Water Conservation, which helped AVPA to organize the Awards Ceremony.


Some information about the Agency:

Since 2013, the Agency of Rural Development and Soil and Water Conservation(ARDSWC) has collaborated with the Miaoli County Government, the Miaoli City Farmers' Association, and numerous young tea farmers to address the challenges of an aging workforce and labor shortages in the Miaoli region's tea industry. The initiative introduced a province-based management model to help overcome the shortage of human resources. It involved the integration of government, research institutions, and industry resources to enhance tea plantation management techniques and the diversified economic benefits of the tea industry.

Through practices such as eco-friendly cultivation, efficient management, and the restoration of tea plantations, the project aimed to improve the production and tea processing environment. Additionally, the Miaoli City Farmers' Association has been guiding the organization of the "Miaoli Black Tea Competition," now in its 8th year, promoting Miaoli as a regional highlight for the integrated development of tea production, processing, tasting, and appreciation.


During this visit to Taiwan, apart from presenting Awards at the AVPA-Paris,  6th World Tea Contest in 2023, there was also an invitation to tour distinctive tea plantations in Miaoli, including the following three tea estates:

1.     Ri Xin Tea Gardan

Ri Xin Tea Gardan is the first organic-certified tea plantation in Miaoli County. It primarily produces oriental beauty tea, black tea, and the uniquely Hakka-inspired tangerine compressed Tea. The tangerine compressed Tea, a distinctive product of Hakka culture in Taiwan, is made by repeatedly roasting, steaming, pressing, and sun-drying fresh tangerine. Following traditional methods, it carries the fragrances of both tea and tangerine, offering a unique mildly acidic taste and flavor.

2.   Miaoli Black Tea

Miaoli Black Tea mainly cultivates Taiwan's native small-leaf red tea using the processing method of Oriental Beauty tea. This innovative red tea, unlike common ones with bitterness or astringency, exudes a rich floral aroma that is both distinctive and captivating. Upon careful tasting, the fragrance transforms into sweetness, and the lingering taste in the throat is exceptional. It has become a sought-after choice among tea enthusiasts who appreciate its unique qualities.

3.    Tseng's Tea

Website: Tseng's Tea

Oriental Beauty tea is a heavily oxidized tea, carefully selected from the premier tea-producing region - Tseng's Tea Garden. It faithfully reflects the lush forests of Miaoli's Tongluo Mountain and inherits 132 years of tea processing techniques. Only through these methods can TSENG'S TEA be crafted, presenting a unique flavor profile within the same region. Tseng's Tea aims to provide a distinctive sensory experience of natural aromas and flavors through the act of "drinking tea." TSENG'S TEA - where the fragrance of tea becomes a drinkable aromatic essence.


This visits are very important to us, as we can communicate with the producers directly to better understand theirs needs and motivation to participate in the International Contest.

AVPA travels alongside the fragrance of tea and brings back accolades from subtropical islands.

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