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France’s 1st Tea Championship – Join AVPA’s Teas of the World Contest

As a tea lover and tea artist, every time I see a Coffee Championship happening, and see the vibrant activities, the spirit of the participants, the-let-your-hair-down attitude and having fun while doing serious stuff – I say to myself, “why not with tea?” I guess, and it is a very personal observation – that the coffee industry runs of co-optation and cooperation; while tea runs on pure competition.

Tea (also wine and coffee) is a knowledge industry and should not be part of beverages industry. Quickly the tea producers, tea brands and tea marketers understand this the better it is for the industry as a whole, globally. And as in any knowledge based industry, it is very important that knowledge is assimilated and shared among all stake holders for the overall growth of everyone within the industry.

Therefore, it is heartening to see AVPA’s first ever Tea Championship – The “Teas of the World” ( ), in Paris, France has its objectives right. One of their key visions is to bring tea producers, tea brands and tea marketers on one platform and enabling them to learn from each other. Particularly for producers, making tea is such a time-consuming affair that they rarely have the opportunity to look around at what is happening elsewhere and what are the best practices that are emerging every day. AVPA’s Tea Championship is going to be a meeting room for everyone with the objective of knowledge sharing and learning.

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