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Herbal Infusions have the wind in their sails

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Infusions are synonymous with creativity for a «Lifestyle , so healthy» that has won the hearts of consumers.

These herbal drinks have really evolved into a real art of living on a daily basis. Linden, thyme and rose infusions are no longer considered as "has been."

In France and Europe, consumers pay particular attention to the quality of the plants used in infusions. This is reflected both in the organoleptic aspects and in the use of new plants from around the world to create new scented compositions. The intrinsic quality of the leaf and the organic culture are also essential criteria.

During the last International contest "Les Thés du Monde" AVPA-Paris, many infusions were distinguished, highlighting the ever-growing creativity of artisans, including the green Maté with cedar and mint of the Maison Terre d'Oc by silver medal.

Trends in 2023 include roasted mate, green mate, hibiscus, cocoa, sobacha and pineapple.

Other plants such as lavender, chamomile and orange blossom seduce by their charm and endearing character.

To meet this growing demand for creativity, the tea houses are increasingly looking to collaborate with talented producers, thus rehabilitating sometimes forgotten sectors. This close collaboration helps shape the trends of tomorrow on the French and European markets. The enthusiasm is palpable at the idea of discovering in 2023 new aromatic plants with amazing facets, new mixtures with subtle and smiling aromas. Teas of the World International Contest AVPA-Paris 2023 will be an opportunity to recognize and reward this exciting and innovative work.

Get ready to send your sample! Registration and sending of samples for the Contest "Teas of the World" must be done before August 31, 2023, you are welcome!

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Tea Expert - Expertise Ethnobotanique

Président fondateur de l'Association des producteurs de Thé Français

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