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Lumbini Tea Valley

Updated: Mar 5

On Friday March 1, 2024, the AVPA (Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products) was delighted to welcome Lumbini Tea Valley, producers of tea from Sri Lanka to its Paris offices. Known to all, "Ceylon tea" comes in a wealth of different varieties and flavors, of which Lumbini Tea possesses the secrets. In fact, their tea has won numerous awards around the world, including medals from the AVPA's "Teas of the world" contest.

At our event, Chaminda Jayawardana and Harris Uddika, respectively Managing Director and CEO, invited us to taste some of their teas, the quality of which testifies to the passion of all those who work on the plantation, and takes us on a journey to the heart of the rainforest hills where the Lumbini Tea plantation is located: in the south of the country near the Sinharâja Natural Park (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). The Lumbini plantation is a pioneer in organic farming in Sri Lanka, and a real strength for the country. Indeed, through the production of exceptional teas, Lumbini Tea is also involved in an ambitious project for human, ecological and economic development in the region.

This includes reforestation of certain parts of the plantation, non-use of pesticides, reduced use of fertilizers, and natural renewal of the soil by avoiding soil scrapping. Lumbini Tea also raises public awareness about environmental conservation and sustainable farming systems. Finally, the company donates part of its profits to local initiatives: hospitals, housing, blood donation campaigns.

We would like to thank all the Lumbini Tea Valley artisans for their determination and their exceptional teas, Chaminda Jayawardana and Harris Uddika for their presence and for sharing their passion, Mr. Gayan RAJAPAKSE and Mme. Walaa MEKKY from the Sri Lankan Embassy, who came for the occasion, María Kockmann, member of the jury for our “Teas of the world” contest and founder of The Tea Circle (an association for the promotion of tea, its cultivation and production), with whom the AVPA was able to co-organize the event, and Carine Baudry, president of the "Teas of the world" contest, and founder of the Quintessence , for her support.

Thanks our water partner Brita France. Without good water - we can not do a good tea!

More photos: click here

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