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Monaco becomes the world capital of exceptional coffees

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

CONTI Espresso Machine to host Jury of the

6th "Coffees Roasted at Origin" International Contest AVPA 2020

Having become a reference, AVPA’s “Coffees Roasted at Origin” International Contest will honor, for the 6th consecutive year, more than hundreds of exceptional varieties from nearly 30 producing countries. From Colombia to Laos, from Ivory Coast to Indonesia, from Ethiopia to Haiti, this International contest has succeeded in making its way through producers’ heartfelt desires and professional network. These producers of exception achieve excellence by becoming processors and tasters of their own products as do the French winegrowers or oil producers for example.

On its side, CONTI espresso machine is an international benchmark for coffee machines and equipment since early 1950s. These two organizations naturally came along together so as to get the best extraction from the roasted at origin coffees using efficient machines.

This year, under the chairmanship of Emmanuel Buschiazzo, a coffee expert from Nice, AVPA jury will leave its Parisian premises to gather on CONTI facilities in Monaco from October 19 to 23.

On October 22 and 23, Chefs, hotel, and restaurant professionals, as well as gastronomes from the Côte d´Azur are invited to taste and make their contribution to the ranking of coffees. The Jury of Gastronomes, worthy representatives of various Monegasque gastronomic associations, is brought together by Mr. Gilles BRUNNER, President of the Grand Cordon d'Or of French Cuisine. Associations such as Le Grand Cordon d'Or of French Cuisine, Slow Food Monaco Riviera Côte d'Azur, Monaco Gout et Saveurs, Association Monégasque des Sommeliers, Association Beausoleilloise des Amis d 'Alba will be represented in the jury.

All people or media interested in sharing AVPA's exceptional experience in terms of coffee, taste, or value chain or in discovering the latest advances in Conti Espresso Machine are cordially invited to visit during these days at:

CONTI Espresso Machine - 1 avenue Albert II - Monaco

Please make an appointment with:

Ksenia Hleap, AVPA - communication department, tel:

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