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6th "Coffees Roasted at Origin" International Contest AVPA-Paris 2020

On Monday, November 16 at 2 p.m., on the AVPA Youtube channel, the best coffees competing for the 6th "Coffees Roasted at Origin " International Contest AVPA-Paris 2020 were rewarded during a virtual awards ceremony. This 6th edition confirms the expectations of its founders.

The closer agricultural products are processed by their producers, the better the quality of the finished products. The farmer becomes a taster! And so the best coffees are increasingly valued and roasted by the coffee producers themselves.

As for participants, the passion is always there. This passion is even more laudable when the COVID-19 crisis could have shattered their courageous determination to be of this meeting. Overall, we could note a clear improvement in the mastery of the work of coffee from its harvest, its treatment, its fermentation, it's drying, and finally, it's roasting.

On the consumer side, the growing enthusiasm of young coffee lovers cannot be denied, even as machine makers are increasingly interested in these emerging markets.

This year, the major coffee-producing countries took part. As usual, Latin America was strongly represented by Colombia, whose ALMACAFE cooperative won the coffee grinder offered by our partner SANTOS to the coffee which obtained the absolute best grading of all the coffees. Also present were Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Peru.

The Asian presence was dominated by Indonesia, with the Philippines also well represented.

African participation was characterized by the return of the Democratic Republic of Congo, whose TUMANI cooperative won the filter carafe offered by our partner BRITA. It also counted with the presence of Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Rwanda, Togo and Uganda who become regular at this annual meeting. To classify and judge the coffees more than 150 tastings, in infusion and/or in espresso, were carried out by the AVPA jury who knew how to adapt its methodology to health requirements.

The success of this edition was even more resounding as it was organized in the very idyllic city of Monaco with the help of the CONTI Espresso Machine company, which hosted the tasting sessions in its Monegasque factory. This edition was also strategic insofar as it saw a strong presence of all the chefs who brought us their sagacity as gastronomes grouped in Monegasque associations.

So, do we hope to one day be able to introduce coffee among major gastronomic products

Anyone or media wishing to facilitate the wide dissemination of this event is cordially invited to visit our YouTube channel for the virtual award ceremony. To access the results please consult Results 2020

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