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AVPA 15 years already!

AVPA is entering its fifteenth year. If the objective of valuing producers of excellence is remaining the same, the means are evolving at our economic environment speed.

The transformation of productions in their country of origin has become a reality, each year more important. The virtuous circle of quality has started, and the sophistication of locally roasted coffee is in line with that of vegetable oil or tea. This means that our tasting techniques must be constantly refined and AVPA is welcoming young talents who can conceptualize a tasting process that is just waiting to be passed on. This is the objective of the training efforts we are undertaking.

Finally, it is at the national level, French and European, that we must now make our efforts to make it clear, together with the distribution professionals, why we have to pay more for a bottle of vegetable oil or a packet of coffee. This is the reason for our increasingly active presence in public or professional events. We will be again at the World Specialty Coffee, this time in Warsaw, and in Paris at the Gourmet Selection.

2020 will see a new international contest, that of locally made chocolates.

Furthermore, as soon as February, we will put the talents of our jury to the benefit of all the products that, beyond our competitions, deserve to be truly recognized gourmet, in the sense that AVPA is intending to give to this word.

A busy 2020 that, we hope, will give us the right to meet fantastic products and wonderful producers!

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