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AVPA Regional Correspondent in China and Taiwan

Hello to all the members and friends of AVPA. I am Kai LIAN, the AVPA Regional Correspondent in China and Taiwan. As your coordinator for the Greater China Region, I would like to present my professional background and share my visions on the future development of AVPA services & contests in this region.

After graduating from ESCP (École Supérieure de Commerce de Paris), I joined BNP Paribas and then Bank of China as Corporate Key Accounts Manager, which brought me rich experiences in financing & creation of cross-border projects between China and Europe. At the initiative of creating a bridge between the two continents in the world of trade, I created ENTREURO (Shanghai) in financing consulting and cross-border Merger & Acquisition, and YEON INTERNATIONAL (Hong Kong) in trade and brand building and introduction of European agri-food products in China.

With the completion of several projects in China, we discovered that even in a globalized era such as today, the very varied habits of consumers, the perceptions of the markets on agri-food products, information asymmetries between different countries or even between different regions of the same country, and the different practices of farmers & producers in order to produce the best products, the very diversified gestures and operations of traders to highlight the assets of local & imported agri-food products, remain little affected. Therefore, it is our duty to sensitise and mobilise producers & traders to participate and join our AVPA Community, in order to be able to promote not only the intrinsic assets of their products, but also the marketing values of the commercialization of these products.

The Greater China Region is a treasure where there are millions of farmers and producers of Teas, Coffees and Vegetable oils who have been attached to their territories for a long time. And at this stage, raising awareness among people who wish to promote their products on the local or international market becomes our primary task. Together, with our networks in China and Taiwan, and with the support of AVPA, we are already committed to welcoming potential members. And soon, we want our services and AVPA labeling (Certification, contests medals and Geographic Identification), accompanied by the animation of local network, to be well recognized by tradespeople.

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