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Chocolatiers & Pâtissiers of the World

I am Christophe Bertrand, chocolatier manager of À la Reine Astrid, and also a member of the gastronomic jury of AVPA International Contest, for Chocolates processed at Origin, since 2022.

Sensitive to the reality of the field in cocoa-producing countries, I wanted to create a link between artisans around the world by launching the solidarity initiative Chocolatiers & Pâtissiers du Monde. The idea is to offer artisan chocolatiers or pastry chefs in producing countries, in a disinterested way, support to improve the existing and develop the structure as needed: advice to install a manufacturing line or develop a new range, training for good manufacturing practices, etc.

The Chocolatiers & Pâtissiers du Monde initiative already has some great meetings in Haiti, Guinea and Benin. Please visit for more information and to register. To be able to put you in touch with the most relevant craftsman, detail as much as possible your project and your needs.

If you have the opportunity to come to the Salon du Chocolat de Paris, from October 28 to November 1, 2023, I invite you to meet me and exchange on the stand À la Reine Astrid.

Christophe Bertrand

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