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The discovery of the delicious AVPA winners

With its 600 members (producers, distributors and gastronomes) the AVPA, Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products knows how to gather each year for more than twenty years the best olive oils of the World. 

In March are judged the oils of the northern hemisphere, mainly from the Mediterranean basin. In October will come the tour of Southern oils (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Uruguay).

This is how the AVPA “World Edible Oils ” International Contest has become a professional reference where the best producers like to confront each other.

The jury gathered in Aix en Provence under the Presidency of Christian Pinatel of the CTO delivered its verdict. The time has come to share these results with passionate professionals.

On Monday, June 3rd, the AVPA (Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products) organized a tasting of olive oils that were rewarded by its jury in the 2024 contest.

Hosted by Chef Virginie Legrand, this event allowed fine gourmets gathered for the occasion to discover the delicious AVPA winners and learn about the methodology of the "World Edible Oils" contest, whose relevance is the result of 22 years of experience. To showcase the incredible range of flavors that olive oils can have, one oil from each category was tasted, ranging from the greenest fruity to the ripest fruity. For this purpose, the selected olive oils came from different varieties of olives or blends.

Paz Figares Mignot, an oleologist and AVPA jury member, and Jean-Emmanuel Jourde, AVPA secretary in charge of the contest , guided the tasters on this gastronomic adventure.

Chef Virginie Legrand shared her creative and culinary talent by offering recipe ideas and pairings that highlight these exceptional products.

We thank Pascale Hermel from the Ecole des Cuistots Migrateurs, Alexandra Guillemin from Chai d’Aless, Jean-Michel Artaud from Sensory and Consumer Insights and Cédric Casanova from La Tête dans les Olives for attending this tasting.

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