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Meeting with Laotian tea producers rewarded at the "Teas of the World" contest

Updated: Jun 16

On Wednesday, June 12, the AVPA hosted a tasting and meeting event with tea producers from Komaen, Laos, along with other stakeholders involved in the development of this exceptional tea region in the Phongsaly province, northwestern part of the country. The producers proudly shared their history and passion, displayed their numerous successes from last year’s AVPA "Teas of the World" competition, and, of course, offered tastings of Komaen teas, which come from ancient tea trees, some over 400 years old. 

These remarkable teas are on the path to international recognition through the Geographical Indications (GI) project, supported by Gret, the French Development Agency, ARTE-FACT Development and Agri-Food Consulting Co. Ltd, Redd, Certipaq, IRAM, and CIRAD, in partnership with Anna-Maria Lampe and Carine Baudry

The consortium plays a crucial role in the development and promotion of these products. Through the geographical indication "Teas of Komaen," they enhance the recognition of these products’ unique characteristics and production methods. They ensure that the products meet high standards of quality and traceability to secure the best commercial opportunities for Komaen teas while ensuring fair compensation for the producers. 

The AVPA supports the Komaen teas' ambition to find new international markets, including in France. Recognizing the memorable organoleptic qualities of these teas, the AVPA awarded them four medals at the 2023 "Teas of the World" competition, a significant selling point in the market. 

To enrich the event, Chef Virginie Legrand prepared colorful and original appetizers, incorporating the award-winning Komaen teas in some of her creations such as a mint, dill, raspberry, and sun-dried Komaen green tea tzatziki, a cod ceviche with peas cooked in Komaen tea, and a strawberry soup with orange supreme and Komaen green tea. 

We warmly thank the group of Komaen tea producers for their presence and the excellence of their tea. We thank Anna-Maria Lampe, Tea Consultant on this project, who facilitated smooth communication with the Laotian producers. 

Thanks to Viengsamay Phanvongsa from the Lao Embassy in France for honoring us with his presence and supporting this beautiful initiative that ties our two countries together. 

Thanks to Carine Baudry, president of the "Teas of the World" competition jury, who participated in the Komaen tea GI project as an international tea expert, introducing us to these teas and their sensory specificities. 

Thanks to the AFD - French Development Agency represented by Alexia Hofmann and Frédérique Willard, who supported this project and continues to support Lao teas. 

Special thanks to Delphine Ayerbe from Gret for explaining Gret's role in this project. 

Thanks to Chef Virginie Legrand for her culinary creativity that perfectly accompanied this event, and to our partner Brita for the filtered water. 


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