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Herbal teas are on the rise

A "So healthy, so Hygge" trend, herbal teas have become an everyday art of living. The infusion of lime, thyme, mint is no longer "has-been".

French and European consumers are increasingly attentive to the quality of the plants to be infused both on the organoleptic level, new plants from all over the world, on creative fragrances, and on the intrinsic quality of the leaf, organic cultivation...

We were able to see it during the last international contest “Teas of the World” AVPA-Paris 2020, many infusions were rewarded.

Always more new plants, always more imagination to compose new mixtures, the 2021 trend will be around these "forgotten" plants ...

Sideritis hyssopifolia with its incredibly aromatic, terpenic and honeyed fragrances, this plant is a bit like our lavender from Provence which grows at altitude "about 800 to 1000 metres" in rocky and mountainous Mediterranean areas. Eucalyptus with warm, camphorated and sometimes slightly lemony notes, but also Ivan-čaj - Chamerion angustifolium the famous "Epilobium tea", which has conquered Eastern Europe since 2013 and is now arriving in the West with its multiple facets of black tea, woody, peaty, almost earthy and with a structured and round palate like Calune honey... The blue flower of butterfly peas "Clitoria ternatea" explode with allure of an illusionist who changes color from indigo blue to electric purple. Geranium used for the 1st time in the scented composition "Raconte-moi" gold medalist at the AVPA 2020 contest with fruity and floral impulses. Gingko biloba, Calluna ... so many other beautiful plants with charming looks and which are intended to be endearing.

Increasingly creative houses must find talented producers who can rehabilitate sectors that are sometimes forgotten. I take great pleasure in working with these producers with whom we share, exchange and build tomorrow’s trends on the French and European market.

I hope that 2021 will be a year rich in aromatic plants, with surprising facets, new blends with subtle and smiling aromas ... and that we will have the pleasure of discovering them at the AVPA 2021 contest in order to salute and reward your work.

Prepare your samples! The registration and the sending of samples for the "Teas of the World" contest must be done before July 31, 2021, you are welcome!

AVPA Jury Member

Fragrances & Tea expert

Sensory Analyst-Evaluator Perfumes

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