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“Teas of the World” AVPA with Susmita

As an association, the most (and better) part of our mission is to find the right people to work with. It’s good to have a vision in which you believe; it’s great to be able to share it with others and unite them to work together and make this vision come true.

It has taken many years of efforts, rebuttals, faith and success for the AVPA contests to rise to attention and earn their legitimacy.

Because producers trust our vision to promote high-quality products of origin, because chefs and industry experts kindly participate as jury members, because hospitality schools lend us their tasting labs, because every hand given or word spread helps, we can make it happen.

Our new contest is no exception, and already draws a fair share of attention and respect.

This would not be possible without the help of a particular strand of good people: the tea bloggers. Committed, curious, enthusiastic tea practitioners themselves, they are a key link between professionals and the general public. This privileged position is ideal to hold events and nurture communities where knowledge, experiences and practices can be shared.

Such is the work of Susmita Das Gupta, the sole organizer of Tea Festival India: as a Tea Artist who loves to teach the art of making and drinking fine tea, she makes a point in bringing premium and specialty teas under one roof, highlight in real life of the online tea-oriented community – the only one in India.

We found in her a kindred spirit, who shares and defends the same values. Her experience in writing about tea and furthering tea appreciation and tasting for professionals as well as the general public is invaluable to us. Here is her article on the reasons why a tea competition should happen in France.

We are very honored to be supported by great people like Susmita: this kind of heart-warming encounters really brighten up our spirits to help us carry on!

Her blog : Tea with Susmita

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