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The AVPA contest: an opening to the world

The 2020's Edition of the AVPA contest, highlighted once again the work of talented producers, in particular that of "La ferme de Bruguerolle" and this thanks to the Franco-Vietnamese House Sobica, which won the gold medal with the infusion "Raconte-moi". Thanks to this event, exceptional producers are now available in the most beautiful French and Belgian tea-houses.

This contest is unique in the world, as Barbara Dufrene pointed out. It allows many producers from France and around the world to make known their work, either directly or through the intermediary of very beautiful French tea and herbal tea houses such as Nunshen, Sobica, Tea & ty, l'Autre thé, etc …

These medals from the “Teas of the World” International Contest congratulate and encourage producers for the care given to their culture and the quality of their plants, flowers, spices and teas. They reward the work of the teaMakers for their mastery of tea shaping, the Master Infusers who sublimate these plants in exclusive and original scented creations.

This 4th contest will further broaden its horizons and welcomes new producing countries, such as Russia, South Africa, China, Malaysia, which I am sure will amaze and surprise us with their teas and infusions.

I am happy to be once again a member of the technical jury alongside Lydia Gautier and Carine Baudry, surrounded by Barbara Dufrene, Katrin Rougeventre, Maria Kockmann. We will bring a lot of rigour, care and passion to the blind evaluation of these exceptional products.

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