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Who we are?

AVPA, the Agency for the Valuation of Agricultural Products, is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, composed mainly of producers and taste enthusiasts. Its objective is to contribute to the development of framers, producers and start-ups in recognizing their products of excellence confronted to the imperatives of mass marketing.

Commenced in 2005, AVPA currently has around 1000 active members on 5 continents, most of them being agricultural producers. Its Bureau (producers and food industry, trade and gastronomy), its Juries (technicians, chefs, professionals of taste and quality) and the personalities who support it are all volunteers.

AVPA found a recognized place in the edible oils sector, where for the past 18 years it has been conducting the "World Edible Oils" international contest alongside 5th edition of “Locally roasted coffee” international contest which together has showcased oils and coffees of 35 countries from 5 continent and more than 1000 producers.

The teas naturally come to fit this developing logic. The first two editions of the "Teas of the World" international contest encouraged new tea producers to join the big traditional producers, in a common celebration of the excellence that French tea enthusiasts have always appreciated. More than 150 classic and herbal teas entered in this contest from more than 20 countries. In 2019 AVPA espoused infusions and scented mixtures in the contest and will continue to do it this year with great enthusiasm.

For this year, AVPA also decided to organize an international contest on “Locally processed chocolates”. This contest is dedicated to cocoa producers and chocolate makers who process their products in cocoa-producing countries. Independent farmers, producers’ cooperatives, commercials producers and craftsmen are welcome to participate in this event.

Aware of the cultural, sociological and economic issues of any selection, AVPA has carefully defined a rigorous methodology that allows each producer to express his personality by avoiding the pitfalls of a reductive academism. Highlighting the importance of the notions of terroir or origin while never forgetting social justice, respect for the environment and sustainable development, AVPA tries to transcend these aspects to focus on the organoleptic quality of the products.

By awarding medals to producers and managing communications the event aimed at both professionals and the general public, AVPA tries to raise the awareness of every player of the supply chain regarding the value of agricultural food production whenever their quality distinguishes them from standardized productions.

As a non-profit organization, AVPA is devoting its potential financial surpluses to its Exceptional Producers Support Fund, supporting producers who cannot afford to contribute sufficiently to benefit from the association's services.

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