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Do you know what “gourmet” means?

It’s the first award level with our AVPA Gourmet Product Certificate(Diplome Produit Gourmet), and it’s also the exhibition where the award ceremony for the “Teas of the World” Contest will take place — at Gourmet Sélection.

It’s an offspring from the word “gourmand”, used both in French and English, that defines someone with a strong appetite for food, usually sweet. The word “gourmet” attempts to move liking of edible things away from greediness and more into the realm of knowledge and refinement. In the 19th century, a “gourmet” is a person with a discerning palate, a connoisseur of good wine and, by extension, good food and drinks.

Our naming “produit Gourmet” (Gourmet product), shrinks the grammatically proper “produit de gourmets” (product for gourmet people), much in the same way that “Gourmet Sélection” shrinks “sélection pour les gourmets” (choice for the gourmet). Applied to different nouns, it points out an ability to create or taste an outstanding product and understand its stakes at every level of cultivation, making and eating/drinking.

That’s exactly what AVPA is striving to achieve with its contests for gourmet oils, coffees, waters and teas! To spread the knowledge and enjoyment of amazing beverages and foodstuffs more and more each day to all who may be concerned: hospitality and retail professionals, but also consumers who are looking for a better lifestyle through a conscious diet.

Will you join us in this quest for the best taste and the best practices?

Registrations for the AVPA Paris “Teas of the World” International Contest AVPA-Paris2019 are open until June 7th…

If you win, you will get the chance to join the award ceremony and display your products at the Gourmet Sélection national fine foods exhibition in the end of September 22rd and 23nd.

Click here for the registration form

Click here to know more about the exhibition

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