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How might you best utilize this medal?

Your collaborators, your associates, your cooperators are proud of your success and it is the first public that you must inform and with whom you must share this medal of which they are largely involved.

Your daily professional environment consists of your suppliers, your bankers and the administrative authorities with whom you regularly work at the municipal or regional level. With the AVPA medal, your company receives recognition from an international organization that confirms the excellence of your production and reassures your environment.

Finally, this medal will be for you a fantastic commercial instrument. It is a reassurance for your clientele that will be reinforced to have chosen you. In your ongoing negotiations, it is a support to the decision-making of your prospects who may still hesitate to make the right decision!

How can to inform your audience and share this news with them?

Local press relations: direct and intensive work with the local press is always very useful and relatively easy. It is the advocate of the successes of the Region which warms the heart of a reader or a local audience. This involves having a quick press release and having some relationships in the business.

Award ceremony: the organization of a local award ceremony in the company’s premises or in a public building is an opportunity to bring together the environment close to the undertaking and to comfort your image.

A representative of AVPA can be present to reinforce the impact of the presentation of medals.

It is desirable that producers from the same region gather together in a collective ceremony, which allows their regional identity to be better recognized.

Presence of the medal: our members have every interest in showing the medal they have won, everywhere possible:

Exhibition stands, commercial brochures, website, commercial mails. The use of the diplomas and trophies you have received is free as long as there is no risk of deception by the consumer. Essentially, this means that the communication must refer to the product concerned, indicate the year and ensure that it does not appear that the company as a whole would have been certified and rewarded.

Packaging. The printing of the medal directly on the packaging is subject to the signature of a license agreement, which will be sent to you on your demand. Please contact us :

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