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Infusion Pairing – Premium Concept that promotes Portugal

This is an opportunity for the future of Tourism in Portugal and what has distinguished “Infusões com História”- 100% Portuguese brand of BIO teas and infusions.

The combination of unique infusions with dishes from Portuguese luxury restaurants, allows us to provide innovative, refined, and exclusive experiences.

Get to know this concept about the world of Teas and Infusions.

What is considered an Infusion Pairing?

Usually, when we think of a Tasting Menu and the work done by sommeliers, we imagine the wines and their combinations with the Gastronomy.

So, an Infusion Pairing has the same effect, that is, the Sommelier matches the different dishes with mixtures of 100% Natural aromatic plants rich in flavors, in the case of infusions, of” Infusões com História”.

Basically, alcoholic beverages are replaced by infusions full of aromas that perfectly match the creations of the chefs (starters, main courses and desserts).

Therefore, the infusions are accompanying, from beginning to the end, the Tasting Menus.

When these Infusion Pairings are created, some aspects are taken into consideration, such as the temperature preparation, the time the mixture is infused, its intensity, the type of glass, the type of water, among many other details.

How can Infusions promote a country?

If AVPA Parisseeks to distinguish producers of excellence, sustainability and even the quality of farm products, “Infusões com História” is also promoting these intentions and the naturalness of the ingredients.

All the species used in the exclusive blends are native to the Romanico and Douro regions (located in the North Region of Portugal), respect the rules of organic farming and are free from the presence of chemicals, pesticides, or the addition of clay to their compositions.

Instead of mass production, our brand bets on a manual, artisanal process that boosts the local economy, with several equally local connections.

To all this, we add the appreciation of what is ours, perpetuating our Legacy.

“Infusões com História” encourages Culture, the preservation of Traditions and the enrichment of regions as rich as the Romanico and Douro.

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