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The AVPA Teas of the World contest connects producers with buyers who rely on high-quality sourcing.

I discovered the wonderful Tofillo infusions during the 3rd competition, explains Maria Kockmann. It was a real favorite to taste the Malotira during the contest. It immediately intrigued me and after the tasting days, I learned that it was tea from the Cretan mountains, presented by the producer Nikos Psyllakis of Tofillo.

Malotira is an endemic plant with multiple virtues and a rich and complex aromatic profile, produced by Tofillo on the Omalos plateau, a few meters before the entrance of the famous gorges of Samaria at 1227m altitude.

Its client UNAMI in Lille and Brussels has referenced it thus initiating a sustainable commercial relationship, since the Malotira is still in the catalog 3 years later, followed by the lemon verbena grown in Souda, on the north coast of the island, and sage, grown in Lakki, near Chania. All are cultivated in a preserved environment where Tofillo ensures responsible and certified organic agriculture.

The contest highlighted this little-known plant and the tremendous work of a producer who works in absolute respect for nature, but also to support its activity and economic development.

The pride of winning a gold medal is not the only reward for Tofillo, adds María Kockmann, the possibility of exporting to the European Union and having concrete benefits is very encouraging for all producers participating in the AVPA Teas of the World Contest.

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