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MANILA, Philippines – The highly anticipated Manila Coffee Festival 2023 (MCF2023), a celebration of Philippine coffees, Filipino coffee growers, and Filipino coffee culture, was held last March 17, 18, and 19 2023 at the newest event venue in town, the MGBX Convention Hall, Manila Marriott Hotel, Newport World Resorts, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

This year’s Manila Coffee Festival was bigger and better than ever, with more activities, more exhibitors, more networking and learning opportunities, and just way more interesting things to try, taste, and see for everyone, especially for our coffee fans!

Guests got to try their hand at latte art, see demonstrations from the coffee community’s best professionals, watch live coffee competitions, take part in free coffee tastings, listen to stories of people shaping the future of Philippine coffee, and a behind-the-scenes look at some of the fascinating work people are doing for a better coffee future.

Every year the Manila Coffee Festival sees thousands upon thousands of local and international coffee lovers attending the event. It features the entire spectrum of exhibitors from the fascinating world of coffee, coffee growers, professional baristas, coffee roasters, café and restaurant owners, industry experts, innovators, food artisans, interactive workshops, pottery and ceramic artisans, eco-friendly advocates, specialty coffees, coffee cocktails, live music, DJs, art exhibit, visual artists, cultural performers, theatre performers, riders, cyclists, and so much more.

Here are some of the highlights at the Manila Coffee Festival 2023

AVPA PARIS Awarding Ceremony

Kicking off the Manila Coffee Festival 2023 event was an awarding ceremony presented by French Ambassador Michèle Boccoz and Mr. Philippe Juglar from AVPA PARIS, of winners at the Coffees Roasted at Origin, International Contest. The recipients of this prestigious award were Mary and Andrew Tomeg and Felipa Villicaña from SGD Coffee (Sagada Origin), Mr. Raymund Mirabueno of Mirabuneo Coffee (Bukidnon Origin), and Mr. Jun Gepte from North Star Upi Coffee (Maguindanao Origin. The presentation of awards was witnessed by members of the diplomatic community and the international community attending the event and key officials from the Philippines’ Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Agriculture, Department of Tourism, and other local government units.

AVPA PARIS has been assisting and involved in quality-focused coffee activities in the Philippines through its partner organization the Coffee Heritage Project. This endeavor has resulted in a cooperation of 36 project sites and over a hundred coffee farms engaged in trainings, workshops, research, testing, agronomy, and community building efforts.

The results of these endeavors have encouraged the completion of much-needed farm-to-market roads in remote coffee communities, as well as a wide array of socio-cultural-economic benefits in the form our eco-tourism support to farms and local producers.

MCF Theatre

Throughout the weekend, festival-goers were treated to product demonstrations and workshops by experts in the coffee industry sharing valuable knowledge and insights into the coffee-making process, as well as the latest industry products, trends and innovations. It’s also a great opportunity to discover new coffee-related products including equipment, accessories, and merchandise, and learn about how they can enhance your coffee experience. The theatre also hosted exciting coffee competitions, and daily live musical performances by local artists.

MCF Art Hall

Apart from great coffees, the Manila Coffee Festival is a celebration of the arts and culture as well. This year’s art exhibit featured works from the Association of Coffee Artists of the Philippines and Kape, Sining at Kultura (Coffee, Arts, and Culture) groups. The MCF Art Hall showcased an engaging number of visual art in different styles from local and national talents. This 200-foot art hall along with the on-the spot watercolor painting portraiture, and on the spot art shirt printing became a crowd-favorite. Part of the proceeds from the coffee art exhibit were set for benefit of local coffee farmers.


Want to know more about the current and emerging trends in the coffee industry? Want to hear inspiring stories shared by people who are shaping the landscape in their chosen passions? These are just some of the things we heard at the MCF KTalk sessions. As people’s preferences and attitudes continue to evolve, it's essential for coffee brands and coffee businesses to stay ahead of the curve and offer products and services, or adapt one of many ecologically friendly practices that meet the changing needs and expectations of their consumers. The MCF KTalk is an informative experience for all and a great platform for coffee professionals, industry stakeholders, and enthusiasts to come together, connect and exchange ideas.

This year’s special guest speaker, Mr. Philippe Juglar, President of AVPA PARIS was one of the highlights at KTalk. Mr. Philippe shared with the audience and stakeholders of the Philippine coffee industry the importance of geographic indications, protection of origin and products, and its marketing. The AVPA organization plays a significant role not only in the development and improvement of quality coffees, but as well as these coffees’ recognition in a global context.

Single Origin Bar

The Single Origin Bar is the heart and soul of the Manila Coffee Festival. The Bar is more than 20 feet long divided into multiple brewing stations and serving free unlimited cups of the Philippine’s finest regional coffees giving attendees the opportunity to try new origins and discover new favorites. The coffee growers themselves serve their coffees at the bar allowing a rare meet-up of coffee consumers and producers in one event. This is truly a unique and enjoyable opportunity for both groups to come together and build relationships, share their ideas, experiences, and passion for coffee.

Double Shot Bar

If Single Origin Bar is the heart and soul of the event, the Double Shot Bar is undoubtedly it’s “spirit”! Quite literally, the Double Shot Bar presents some of the most awesome cocktails one can conjure with local coffees! These mixes are carefully curated and created exclusively for the event by some of the country’s best

“MOVE” Pavilion and Eco Pavilion

Sustainability, health and wellness has always been a permanent feature of the Manila Coffee Festival. This year, the event presented a showcase for alternative modes of transport curated by the “MOVE” organization advocating for alternative mobility movement and lifestyle.

Likewise, MCF2023 takes a mindful approach to its carbon-footprint and partners with Eco-Nest + Greenspace for its sustainability programs, activities, and services. The Eco Pavilion launched a variety of innovative sustainable products for both commercial and home use. This is in response to coffee consumers becoming increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of their choices, and for those who are looking for coffee-related products that are sustainably sourced, packaged, and processed. All cups used in MCF2023 were completely biodegradable sourced from corn.

The Manila Coffee Festival was an exciting and immersive experience for everyone! According to Rich Watanabe, AVPA Director and also MCF2023 Festival Director, “This year’s Manila Coffee Festival is not only a bigger and better presentation of Philippine single origin coffees but more importantly, it is Coffee Heritage Project’s and AVPA’s gesture of acknowledgement to the great work of our Filipino coffee farmers producing one of the best coffees in the world as the true artisans of the Philippine coffee industry.”

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